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YWAM Amarillo | Urban Farming Outreach
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Urban Farming Outreach

Caring for our Community

God has given us a vision to equip others to feed themselves and their communities through innovating and developing scalable micro agricultural systems. It is the “teach a man to fish” principle… only we want to teach how to grow food and grow Jesus followers, using aquaponics and various forms of agriculture as the basis for urban outreach. With a heart to the reach the homeless, the refugees, and poor neighborhoods within the city. Our vision is coming to pass as we are developing a model for Urban Farming Outreaches (UFO’s), which can be duplicated in other cities, restoring life and hope in broken communities. One day we hope to see “UFO’s” landing in cities around the country and around the world!

We recently acquired a unique and strategic greenhouse facility near downtown Amarillo, Texas. This facility was formerly home to a retail greenhouse/nursery business, but the neighborhood and location no longer support that kind of business. However, it it a perfect location for outreach! We are currently in the process of transforming the building’s over 8,000 square feet of greenhouse space into a full-scale aquaponics farm. This farm will provide tons of fresh, organic produce and heart-healthy fish to those in need in our community, and the location will serve as a center for other areas of ministry as well as aquaponics training. We have a lot to do in order to make necessary repairs to this long-neglected property and to install the aquaponics systems. Contact us if you would like to help physically with the project, or use our donations page to give toward this special outreach!

Long-Term UFO Vision

Farm Internships

Volunteer opportunities to provide entry-level job experience for those entering (or re-entering) the work force.


Centralized aquaponics training workshops to equip others for outreach (especially other YWAM operating locations)

Outreach Hub

Central location for other forms of outreach, including evangelism, discipleship, prayer, worship, and mercy ministry..


Equipping key people in the city to establish satellite UFO’s in neighborhoods around the city and in outlying rural communities that are economically depressed.

If you would like to help us make this vision a reality soon, please visit our giving page and prayerfully consider a gift designated toward this project!

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